I acknowledge that in addition to this Roommate Matching Questionnaire, I must also submit a Rental Application for consideration in the Roommate Matching program.
I further acknowledge the following:

5445 South Ingleside Avenue relies on complete and correct information being provided by applicant(s) to determine whether to lease to the applicant(s). By selecting Yes below, I certify that the answers are true and correct and that I have accurately completed this application. I understand that making false statements on this form is grounds for rejection or termination of my lease.

No Smoking. There shall be no smoking allowed on the property by anyone at any time. I acknowledge that a violation of this rule is considered a breach of the lease.

I authorize 5445 South Ingleside Avenue to share this information with all other individuals identified as potential joint tenants, co-tenants, guarantors and sub lessors.

I acknowledge that pets are not allowed under Roommate Matching. Absolutely no animals, birds, reptiles, or pets of any kind will be permitted. I acknowledge that a violation of this rule is considered a breach of the Lease.

I acknowledge that as part of the Roommate Matching program, I am required to respond within two business days upon notification from Maclean, LLC regarding potential roommates. 5445 South Ingleside Avenue will endeavor to make the best match possible. Upon the second denial of a potential roommate match by Resident, the rent may increase to the advertised market rate for that apartment for the remainder of the lease term and for any subsequent lease terms

Roommate Matching Questionnaire